Cast of Characters

Click the image to get a larger view of the Strip Mall and the denizens thereof.

Welcome to the Strip Mall. Chronicling the strange and/or mundane happenings around Ernie’s Discount Smokes, Airmid’s Bulk Foods, The Goblin’s Lair Comics and Collectables, Typewriter Repair, Djerba’s Flowers, the Laundromat and Holy Donuts… not to mention the mysterious space for lease. It will be updating every Wednesday for folks who love Wednesdays.

“Big Eddie” Myers
Destiny Djerba
Ernie Klotz
Mr. Nickels
Mr. Torque
Mrs. Djerba
Mrs. Feeny
Mrs. Mary Polk
Mrs. Olga Airmid
Ms. Irma Squall
Officer Dean
Officer Johnson
The Bees

4 thoughts on “Cast of Characters

  1. This was a great comic. The art was incredibly distinctive and cartoonish. The writing on Ms. Airmid was funny and challenging to decipher! My favorite character was the owner of The Goblins Lair; Loved every comic with him! I want you to know that this comic brought me joy.

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