Monkey’s Paw #91: The End

Monkey’s Paw #91: by Steve Stwalley and Ben Zmith

Click the above image to see it full size. Monkey’s Paw by Zmith and Stwalley used to be updated every Friday. Then it wasn’t. But then it was again! There’s a thing next week, but after that there will be nothing.

More info from Zmith:
That’s it. Hope you liked it. If you come back next week, you can see an apocryphal “whatever happened to?” sort of thing. But after that probably nothing.

More info from Stwalley:
The archive of links to all of the Monkey’s Paw strips can be found here.

While Monkey’s Paw has concluded, we continue to work on other projects together that will be coming to some obscure location you’ll probably never hear about sometime in the hopefully not too far future. If you want to keep track of my projects and activities, you can do so at my blog at

We are currently looking into finding a publisher for a Monkey’s Paw book (which would also include the extraneous strips on this site). If you enjoyed the strip, I hope you’ll consider buying a copy when it exists in the physical world someday. We’ve done a very limited print-on-demand book to promote the strip to publishers, so wish us luck!

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