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Welcome to Monkey’s Paw

Hello, and welcome to Monkey’s Paw! The strip has concluded after 92 episodes, which can all be read on this website. You can start reading them here.

The archive of links to all of the Monkey’s Paw strips can be found here.

UPDATE 1/28/15: We have a new comic strip called STRIP MALL. You can read it here.

“An awesomely farcical horrorshow of monsters, freaks, and killers.” Zander Cannon, author of HECK and The Replacement God

We are currently looking into finding a publisher for a Monkey’s Paw book (which would also include the extraneous strips on this site). If you enjoyed the strip, I hope you’ll consider buying a copy when it exists in the physical world someday. We’ve done a very limited print-on-demand book to promote the strip to publishers, so wish us luck!

More info about Ben Zmith here.

More info about Steven Stwalley here.