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Monkey’s Paw #90: Hello, Faddah

Monkey’s Paw webcomic #90: Hello, Faddah by Steve Stwalley and Ben Zmith

Click the above image to see it full size. Monkey’s Paw by Zmith and Stwalley will be updated next Friday and the one after.

More info from Stwalley:
If you’re enjoying Monkey’s Paw, you may dig my other comic strip, Soapy the Chicken.

More info from Zmith:
The idea that Muteau and Jessica’s father would be a unicorn was an idea that I carried with me for years before we executed it. The idea that he would wear German military garb was an idea I carried for minutes before execution. I sort-of regret it, but is there even time for that? NO! BECAUSE NEXT WEEK THE SERIES ENDS!